Some Notes on CAD


Here are some notes that might prove useful:

  • I’m using OnShape, an online CAD software. I’ve got a free student account (which I think means 10 private “documents”), but there are also other free accounts available (no “private” documents–only public ones).
  • The OnShape document of my current CAD can be found here.
    • To see dimensions, please right-click the “sketch” from the sidebar and choose “show dimensions”. The units are in inches–but please note that some of these are incorrect; refer to this post for notes on upcoming/needed changes.
  • Often, people have already created CAD files you need. One of my go-to’s to search for such things is a website called Thingiverse. (This is where I found the Ultrasonic sensor holders).

This is all I can think of for now, but I’ll update as needed.

Have a good day!

CAD v2 + Preliminary Schematic


The bottom plate is emphasized here, and the holes along the perimeter are for the HC-SR04 Sensor holders; they will be bolted in. Looking at the bottom view, the four holes in the center are for attachment via spacers to the top plate; this top plate is visible as the gray. Since I didn’t CAD in the spacers, this top plate in the CAD is laying directly atop the bottom one. The large rectangular prisms on either side are stand-ins for the two batteries.

I intend to modify the current designs by adding appropriate holes for wire management in the top plate. This will likely be a second redesign, though. Finally, these plates will be cut out of 3mm-thick plywood via a Laser-Cutter.

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The Reboot


I inherited this project a few years after its owners left Mason. Originally, I had only a physical robot, but I later gained access to the previous owners’ final code, and some limited documentation.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the original robot (yes, it’s a PDF): Original Robot_Taken Apart

So this is the original design, and my CAD and subsequent designs are coming soon!