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The current project, ‘neurorobot_reboot’ involves reworking and then improving an inherited project. The general idea is (building, and) controlling a robot with a neuronal cell culture; the current reference article is Robot navigation using neuro-electronic hybrid systems.

There are a couple of phases to this, and I’m currently on what could be considered ‘Phase 2’, which is setting up communication, via XBees, between the robot and MATLAB (running on a computer). ‘Phase 1’ involved building the robot, and writing it ‘Roomba’ code+ some other variations; they are all detailed in previous posts.

About the Author

Kanwal is a senior in high school, who received an awesome opportunity to intern in GMU’s Neuroengineering lab under Dr. Peixoto’s mentorship.  Now she spends her days reading through coding forums, updating this website with newfound insight, creating new versions of CAD, and taping ‘RIP’ onto the 3D printer. She hopes you find this website useful in your own endeavors. 🙂

While she works on this technical aspect, she has also learned to plate, grow, and record activity from mouse brain cells (shout-out to Karen, who has been an awesome teacher).

Pls enjoy. 🙂