CAD v3


(format: mostly notes to myself)

So I realized I should probably keep track of robot-chassis CAD versions too– 🙂

I’m currently on v3, and it will be labeled that way on OnShape until I laser-cut the next version. Current issues:


  • The motor-holder hole alignment
  • Extra-wheel hole alignment
  • 6-inch minimum gap for robot wheels

New/still to be Resolved:

    • Ultrasound sensor holes incorrect ( 🙁 ! they used to be perfect!!)
    • Arduino-holder holes still need correction; they are perfect lengthwise, but width needs to be shrunk a little
  • Battery-holders (I’ve realized) will not work, because batteries are wider than the spacing of the spacer-holes… and the way I’ve aligned them in CAD requires:
    • Where the box is the battery
    • the circles the holes for spacers, and
    • the lines are the battery-holders
    • (not to scale)
  • I need to figure out a new omni-wheel situation. Currently, the two omni-wheels stick out further than the actual wheels, so it rests on them instead. The last group fixed this by adding a layer of material above one omni-wheel so that it was raised and the subsequent tilt of the robot let the actual wheels touch the ground. Issues I have with this:
    • Lowkey I’d like a more elegant solution?
    • Acceleration of the robot pushes it onto my back omni-wheel, and that works nicely—especially because when it hits into something it didn’t sense, it rocks back into a tilt, and since the sensors are thus lower, they sense the object, and the robot moves backwards.
  • WIRES: the battery wires are too short, so it’s really a stretch (hehe pun intended!) getting them to connect to each other, and especially the L298N.
    • Because of this, I haven’t yet printed out the L298N holder… not quite sure what orientation would work best, and the CAD needs to be adjusted for that.
  • Breadboard—just realized that I will be adding one soon enough, and that’s going to need someplace to go. (!!!) Right now I think I’ll stick it sideways through that hole in the back of the chassis I had created for wires (don’t have that many 🙂 ).
  • Switch hole: needs to be a teensy-bit bigger; already corrected in the CAD so pls do not double-correct or that will be bad (currently, diameter = .5 in)



*note: Arduino-holder not pictured; I didn’t design it myself, got it off Thingiverse.

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